Integration of sanitation and environment

Technical concept:

(1) City: Sponge City - Waste-free City - Wenlu City - Ecological City

(2) Villages and townships: non-waste villages and towns-beautiful villages and towns-ecological villages and towns ("mountain-water-forest-field-lake-grass" life community)

After Ruilin's all-round environmental protection treatment (western medicine) and ecological restoration (traditional Chinese medicine) work, the city is bright and delicate, and the countryside is beautiful and elegant. In towns and villages, there is the illusion that "people swim in paintings while driving on blue waves".

Technical characteristics:

(1) Combining centralized disposal with decentralized disposal

Centralized disposal is the main method in rural areas of urban and rural fringe, forming the path of "Huji-Village Collection-Town Yun-County Centralized Disposal".

In villages far away from centralized disposal facilities of urban waste, small-scale decentralized waste disposal facilities are adopted to form a "household collection-village decentralized disposal" path.

(2) New Integrated Technology of Classification, Processing and Disposal

For waste separation, the special classification and mineral processing technology of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) is adopted to realize unattended sorting and intelligent pre-sorting, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Centralized waste incineration for power generation and landfill treatment are adopted in cities and large towns.

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