Social recruitment

Job 1: Process Design Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Be able to independently engage in project design, compile process plan, preliminary design, construction drawing design, act as project leader, responsible for organizing and coordinating the whole design project work;

2. Familiar with water treatment design and water treatment process;

3. Familiar with the whole process, main links and control points from the scheme to the construction site design service, with on-site experience and project coordination experience;

4. Provide technical support to marketing department.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in environmental engineering, water treatment, chemical technology, water supply and drainage, etc.

2 or more years working experience in design, installation and commissioning of coal chemical water treatment engineering. Experience in Design Institute and engineering company is preferred.

3. Familiar with national and international standards and standards related to water treatment industry, able to independently complete the design scheme of water treatment projects, draw water treatment engineering drawings and related design drawings;

4. Proficiency in CAD drawing software and office software;

5. Intermediate or above titles, with registered environmental protection or registered water supply and drainage engineer qualification is preferred;

6. Have good team work consciousness, serious working attitude and certain communication skills;

7. Healthy, hardworking and adaptable to travel.

Job 2: Engineering and Technology Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Implement and supervise the implementation of the company's policies, rules and regulations, work norms, etc.

2. Participate in the formulation and revision of the company's technical documents, establish and improve the work flow and technical specifications of the technical department;

3. Participate in the evaluation of company's important projects, formulate and audit technical plans;

4. To be responsible for the technical exchange and technical cooperation negotiations between the Ministry of Engineering and the external cooperation units, and to put forward reasonable suggestions according to the actual situation;

5. Be responsible for organizing and participating in project bidding and design work, and organize the personnel of Engineering Department to complete the design documents of the stages of research, preliminary design and construction drawings in accordance with the stipulated time;

6. Be responsible for organizing the technical submission of construction drawings, completing the examination and reporting of design documents at all stages, completing the transfer and archiving of design documents and drawings, assisting and solving major technical problems in the implementation of Engineering projects;

7. Reasonably arrange department work, supervise and audit, grasp staff dynamics, stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, enhance staff's professional awareness, and put forward feasible suggestions for technical work and department construction;

8. Regularly organize training and exchange of professional skills and hold weekly and monthly work summary meetings; regularly (quarterly and annual) evaluate the staff of the department;

9. Actively complete other tasks assigned by company leaders.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in environmental engineering or water supply and drainage, with more than 10 years'working experience;

2. Familiar with coal chemical water treatment process and technical methods in the industry;

3. Has worked as a project manager, and has more than 5 engineering management experience in environmental protection projects and more than 1 engineering management experience in coal chemical engineering projects.

4. Familiar with the operation of coal chemical water treatment engineering, with solid theoretical basis and technical experience;

5. Familiar with the production of bidding documents, bidding process, and participated in the bidding of Engineering projects;

6. Be able to grasp the industry technology development trend and business development trend, and have their own unique views on key technologies.

Job 3: Environmental Impact Assessment Project Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Accept projects assigned by department managers and complete them in accordance with the prescribed procedures and time.

2. Organize environmental impact assessment (consultation) projects to be carried out according to the content of the contract (personnel, schedule, etc.) and monitor the implementation of the projects;

3. Independently plan, organize and coordinate the progress of the project to ensure the smooth completion of the EIA (consultation) project in accordance with the requirements of the contract;

4. Train engineers and tie new employees.

5. Audit of EIA reports: Complete the first-level audit of reports within departments and issue audit opinions, and complete other audit tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in environmental planning and management, environmental science, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, etc., with more than 3 years'working experience;

2. Work conscientiously, objectively and rigorously, have a strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and expression skills;

3. Experience in preparing EIA reports independently is preferred.

4. Familiar with relevant policies, regulations and requirements of EIA industry;

5. Strong ability to learn and comprehend, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, can withstand strong work pressure, and adapt to travel.

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